Is Merging Parcels a Good Strategy to Save Fees and Taxes?

I would recommend merging the two lots but only after discussing the  idea with the Assessor’s office. If merging is going to save you money the tax  assessor must be on board with the plan. Property changes of any kind can frequently trigger a supplemental property tax bill.

Let the assessor know that the contiguous lots are interdependent and that its really only one building site. Ask  if you would realize a tax savings if  you were to merge the two parcels into one. Remind them that they would be sending only one tax bill. It would be  the exact opposite of subdividing.

If the tax assessor is on board file an application to merge the parcels with the placer county planning department.

The application needs to be in writing and signed by the property owners. The application must include both  parcel maps with “as-built”  drawings of all of the improvements; the leach field, septic tank , house and pond.

Planning  will also require a fee as well as a legal description of the newly combined parcel. The application and documentation will be submitted to staff for review. It’s possible that conditions for approval will be imposed.

If those conditions are met and everyone is in agreement the planning director will issue a certificate of merger.

The  recorded certificate will constitute a legal merger and tax savings!

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